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The Grolier Poetry Book Shop has been a beloved home to poets and those who love poetry for almost a century. 

To celebrate, on June 2nd we will take poetry, music, dance, and dramatic readings into
 the street...


We will preview future events, including:
2018 Poetry Pulitzer Prize winner Frank Bidart, 
David Ferry, Robert Pinsky, Peter Balakian, 
Lloyd Schwartz, and many more.

​The Grolier Poetry Book Shop gratefully acknowledges the following support for our 
Poetry Festival:

Harvard Book Store is a sponsor of our event. 

Grafton Street is our food sponsor and vendor for our event. We will also serve beer and wine garden, soft drinks and water. 

Boston Light and Sound is a vendor and sponsor 
of our event. 

Peak Events discounted pricing for our stage. 

Grolier Poetry Festival
A 90th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, June 2, 2018, 12noon–8pm


Jimmy Tingle. guest appearance. Details will follow…

12 noon–12:55pm    

Lloyd Schwartz, Poet and Board Member, Grolier 

Boston Shakespeare Project, Shakespeare in Motion
Spoken word adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night for children of all ages, followed by Interactive Segments: Word Play and Q&A

12:35–12:55 pm           
Poetry Reading for Children, from Elise Paschen’s anthology, 
Poetry Speaks to Children 
​X. J. Kennedy will talk about the importance of poetry to children, read his poems, and poems by the poet friends of the Grolier from Elise Paschen's anthology for children. 

    WORKSHOP, off stage, 1–3pm: Susan Roney-O'Brien, poet & teacher; 
    writing workshop for children of all ages.  

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Ifeanyi Menkiti, Proprietor, Director, Grolier Poetry Book Shop

Poets Read
David Ferry • Kathleen Spivack • Lloyd Schwartz • Lillian Yvonne Bertram  • Gail Mazur

Michael Mack, Performs from Hearing Voices, Speaking in Tongues 

Jim Vrabel, performs from John Berryman’s The Dream Songs

Poets Read
Harris Gardner • Patrick Sylvain • Ruth Lepson 
Daniel Tobin • Monique-Adelle Callahan 
Cambridge Writer’s Workshop Group: Diana Norma Szokolyai, accompanied by Audrey Harrer, Harpist • Kevin McLellan 

    WORKSHOP, off stage, 3:35-4:15pm 
    Diana Norma Szokolyai will lead a workshop based on 
CREDO:  Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing that she and Rita Banerjee edited. This newly released book will be available for purchase. 

Stan Strickland, on saxophone, and James Kamal Jones on drums
First Presentation: Ifeanyi Menkiti reads from Of Altair, the Bright Light,  accompanied by Stan and James.

Grolier Poetry Press 
Ifeanyi Menkiti, Remarks on the Grolier Press,  including author Tino Villanueva who is on a book tour in Florence and Venice for the Italian translation of his Grolier Press book So Spoke Penelope.  So Spoke Penelope will be read in English, by Faye George and Livia Meneghin will read in Italian.
Grolier Poetry Press Poets: Keith O'Shaughnessy • X.J.Kennedy •Spring Berman • Partridge Boswell  

Poets Read 
Gloria Mindock • Steven Cramer • Elizabeth McKim •  Carol Weston •  Joyce Peseroff  • Tomas O’Leary, reading and playing his accordion

Translation Poets
Beatriz Alba del Rio translating from Spanish to English• Jana Kiely  translating from Czech to English 

Sounds in Bloom: Dennis Shafer, saxophone and woodwind player will perform while Diana Norma Szokolyai reads her poetry.

Dance and Poetry
Joe Burgio, Ensemble Inedit: Poetry, Song and Dance by performers from Turkey, Brazil, and Israel. Dancers and musicians will perform to poems by the poets Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau, Manuel Bandeira, Nazim Hikmet, and Todros ben Joseph Abulafia. Dancers: Bianca Beneduzzi, Katerine Gagnon, Ofri Rieger; Musicians: Burcu Gulec, Christos Koulendros, John Voigt, Walter Wright. 

90 on 90: Presentation of Donald Hall’s book A Carnival of Losses: 
Notes Nearing Ninety
An homage to our dear and long-time friend,  Donald Hall. Lloyd Schwartz and Joyce Peresoff will read from the books, Essays at 80 and Notes Nearing Ninety, then Joyce will read a poem by Jane Kenyon,  and Lloyd will read a poem by Donald Hall. 

Concluding Remarks, Ifeanyi Menkiti

Our Final Act
We will leave you with a video presentation of a musical setting of Ifeanyi Menkiti's poem "Before a Common Soil," an original composition by George Emlen, Music Director of Revels for over 30 years, now retired, performed by the Revels chorus and musicians.

Whiskey Radish, who has worked at Ryles for over 20 years, will sketch and will take photographs throughout the day. ​

The Grolier Poetry Festival 
has been rescheduled to our rain date due to bad weather forecasts for this coming Saturday. 

The New Date is:
Saturday, June 2nd