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The Grolier Poetry Foundation and Forums Trust

About the Grolier: The Grolier Poetry Foundation and Forums Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation, which serves as the anchor for the work of the Grolier, is the tax entity established to preserve our impressive legacy of cultural work. Originally formed as a private operating foundation, we are now transitioning to a public charity, and rely on fundraising activities like support from friends, donors, grants, and events to continue our mission. The Grolier Poetry Book Shop and the Grolier Poetry Press both support the Foundation's mission which is to keep poetry alive and to celebrate the unifying voice of poetry. 

The activities of the Foundation will include the continuation of poetry readings, book signings, panel discussions, seminars, and other special events. The non-profit will contribute to the expansion of the Grolier legacy by helping support the imprint of the Grolier Poetry Press which publishes winners of the Grolier Discovery Award, as well as new books by veteran poets in the Established Poets Series.
Non-profit contributions to the life of the Grolier are greatly appreciated
and may be made to the Grolier Poetry Foundation and Forums Trust :

You may also make a donation that is not tax deductible the money 
will go directly to meet the needs of the operation of the store.
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​Checks can be made out to:
Grolier Poetry Foundation and Forums Trust
6 Plympton Street
Cambridge, MA 02138