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Conrad Aiken

St. Louis, MO

26 September 1888


4 January 1965
Selected bibliography


A Letter from Lí Po and Other Poems (1955)
A Seizure of Limericks (1964)
And in the Hanging Garden (1933)
And in the Human Heart (1940)
Brownstone Eclogues (1942)
Collected Poems (1953)
Collected Poems (1970)
Earth Triumphant and Other Tales in Verse (1914)
Gehenna (1930)
John Deth, A Metaphysical Legacy, and Other Poems (1930)
Landscape West of Eden (1934)
Nocturne of Remembered Spring and Other Poems (1917)
Prelude (1929)
Preludes for Memnon (1931)
Priapus and the Pool (1922)
Punch: The Immortal Liar (1921)
Selected Poems (1929)
Selected Poems (1961)
Sheepfold Hill: Fifteen Poems (1958)
Skylight One: Fifteen Poems (1950)
The Charnal Rose, Senlin, and Other Poems (1918)
The Coming Forth by Day of Osiris Jones (1931)
The Divine Pilgrim (1949)
The Fluteplayer (1956)
The House of Dust: A Symphony (1920)
The Jig of Forslin: A Symphony (1916)
The Kid (1947)
The Morning Song of Lord Zero (1963)
The Pilgrimage of Festus (1923)
The Soldier: A Poem (1944)
Time in the Rock: Preludes to Definition (1936)
Turns and Moves and Other Tales in Verse (1916)
Wake II (1952)


A Reviewer's ABC (1958)
Collected Criticism (1968)
Melody of Chaos (1931)
Scepticism, Notes on Contemporary Poetry (1919)
Ushant: An Essay (1952)


A Heart for the Gods of Mexico (1939)
Among the Lost People (1934)
Blue Voyage (1927)
Bring! Bring! and Other Stories (1925)
Conversation: or a Pilgrim's Progress (1940)
Great Circle (1933)
King Coffin (1934)
The Collected Novels of Conrad Aiken (1964)
The Collected Short Stories of Conrad Aiken (1960)
The Short Stories of Conrad Aiken (1950)
For Children
A Little Who's Zoo of Mild Animals (1977)
Cats and Bats and Things with Wings (1965)
The Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken (1978)


Mr. Arcularis (1953)